Post Officers


 2016 - 2017 Officers



Loy Dean Gardner II

Senior Vice

Gary A. Leofsky

Junior Vice

Kerry Welch


Larry G. Youngblood


Allen K. Lowe

Judge Advocate

John L. Pratt

Post Surgeon

Terry S. Weeks

Trustee - 1st Year

Ronald W. Strickland

Trustee - 2nd Year

Roger L. DeWeese 

Trustee - 3rd Year

J.D. Thomas

Post Adjutant

Daryl E. Stapper

Service Officer

Dennis R. Batten

Officer Of The Day

Linnie McCall



To Contact Officers, Email to: vfw4008 or call 254-939-7159

WEBMASTER: Loy Dean Gardner II

Email: LoyII47

Phone: 254-760-0788